About me

My name is Philip Hicks and you guessed it, I’m a Canadian! But I didn’t start out life as a Canadian. I was born in the UK. I am now a very fortunate dual citizen, British Canadian.

My journey started by coming to Canada on a Working Holiday Visa and ended up with me applying to become a Permanent Resident and then subsequently a Citizen of Canada.

Eventually, I plan to train as an immigration consultant which rightly so the government is now regulating much more. But in the interim my love for helping people doesn’t cease and I want to help by pointing you in the right directions to start your journey, from how to navigate the Canadian Government website through to what paperwork you want to start gathering together early in the process.


I provide a combination of coaching and consulting. I am a trained coach who can help you get clear on why you want to emigrate, what you hope to achieve and what might be holding you back on starting the process.

The consultation side focuses on some of the more practical elements of applying to come to Canada. I have done all my applications by myself without the use of immigration consultants and learnt plenty that can help you navigate the minefield of immigration applications more smoothly.