Booking accommodation

Choosing accommodation was perhaps one of the biggest decisions I had to make, and yet was one of the most straightforward processes so far. For me I like my creature comforts; comfy bed, private bathroom, access to a well-equipped kitchen, access to good wifi, washing machine etc. I chose to use Airbnb, which although not the cheapest option available, provided me with peace of mind because I was able to use reviews provided by other users, and the booking process is simple.

How did I choose where to stay?

Looking for accommodation through the Airbnb website was so simple and easy, just select the things you want that are important to you; wifi, washing machine, certain location… and click search. My search allowed me to narrow my choices down to 9 potentials (still plenty to choose from)! What swung my decision towards my final choice was the profile of the accommodation host. My host has worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for years. As it’s an industry I also have a good 12 years experience in I know the attention to detail, reliability of the host and overall knowledge I can tap into will be invaluable. As each person on the site creates a profile this is ideal for creating a sense of who you are going to stay with.

Great set-up

I really like Airbnb because no money goes to the host until 24 hours after you arrive with them. This makes booking so much more secure and convenient than booking a hotel because you know if something goes wrong when you get there you haven’t just handed over hundreds of pounds to someone who you have to fight to get the money back from. When you make a booking the money is placed into a holding account where it is held by Airbnb until 24 hours after your check-in.

To enjoy £16 off your booking simply click on any of the Airbnb links where you will be directed to their website. Signing up is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you can start planning your own adventure straight away.

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