Travel Insurance

Now there’s a dreaded word, insurance.  Everyone wants the protection of insurance without paying the price for it. Well for me I am the kind of person who is happy to pay for it to know I am protected for the most situations without going totally crazy. This is a good thing as it is mandatory to have Travel Insurance for the whole duration of your stay in Canada otherwise you can lose your right to work, and for me that is not an option!!

Picking the right insurance

Picking the right insurance has got to be one of the most important steps in planning a holiday, or in my case, planning to emigrate. As the good old saying goes “failure to prepare, is to prepare to fail” and when I am placing so much on this journey that is not even something I am prepared to chance. I spent hours researching, getting quotes, and looking at different forums including the Moving2Canada website.

So, who did I go with?

I decided to go with True Traveller because they came out on top for me, as well as on top for a number of websites I used while researching insurance options. The beauty with True Traveller for me is, unlike some other insurance providers, True Traveller do not cap the amount of times or the length of time you return to your home country, in my case the UK.

Now I don’t plan to come back to the UK that often but should it happen, I have complete confidence that my insurance will still be valid for my return to Canada, which will save a whole lot of time and potentially money than if I go with a cheaper policy but end up returning to the UK for longer than my insurance permits. In some cases leaving Canada stops the insurance coverage completely.

Latest update

I have been in Canada for the last 16 months and so far have not had to use my insurance. I do know people who have, including True Traveller. Through the forums I have used as well as talking to friends that have used their insurance, True Traveller has certainly come out as one of the best.

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