Booking flights is definitely one of the more pricey parts of going abroad.  I decided to use the Flight Centre website for my first flights. It was really easy, I just requested a quote which was emailed to me within 30 minutes, I had a quick phone conversation, checked my details and booked the flight, as simple as that. The Flight Centre offer some of the best value flights out there and so far have been really straight forward to deal with. Check them out and see for yourself.

Since moving out to Canada I have also used Kayak, Skyscanner and other comparison websites that have provided cheaper flights. For my upcoming flight in February 2017 I actually booked my return flight directly with British Airways for $850 with direct flights each way (I am always happier to pay a bit extra for direct flights). It is always worth looking at different options for booking flights as costs can vary widely for the same flight depending on where you are looking. If you are struggling for ideas feel free to reach out to me for help.

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