Quality Time

Gylly Beach

One of the most important things on my to-do list was to go home to Cornwall and spend some quality time with my family and friends. I spent 6 days down there and it was exactly what I needed. It wasn’t mandatory in terms of stress but it was important to go home and have some down time. That said the 7 hours there and back on the train I could have quite happily lived without.


During my time at home I didn’t do a great deal; I had a few trips out with my mum, did a spa evening watching the sunset (definitely enjoyed that and will certainly have to find somewhere to do this again but in Vancouver), had a few meals out, saw a friend and my grandparents. It was perfect. I was relaxed, slept well, and it gave me time to sort through my stuff at home as my mum is going to rent my room out, which I am totally fine about.

It was therapy for my mind and the fresh Cornish sea air was ideal to blow away any cobwebs. To top it off, aside from my last day, I had glorious weather, which was only made better by the fact that the summer holidays are over so not everywhere was packed with tourists.


Spending time with my grandparents was definitely a must for this trip, I am extremely close to them and I acknowledge they are not getting any younger either. It turned out spending time with my grandad was even more help to me than I had planned it to be.

After ensuring his Skype account was back up and running he asked me to show him where I will be living for the first month and to show him different parts of Vancouver on Google maps. It was during this Google map exploration that I realised that by re-planning my first weekday in Vancouver I can be much more time and travel efficient so I can get all the boring registrations out the way a lot quicker all while saving a few dollars on travel costs. It also means getting to pound the pavements in Downtown Vancouver which is where I am hoping to secure work.

Towards the end of our Google exploration I also started to get distracted and look at the forthcoming Ice Hockey games. It is definitely on my bucket list to go and watch the Vancouver Canucks play at the Rogers Stadium but I get the feeling this could become a bit of an expensive hobby!

What’s left to do?

The simple answer is not a lot. Since getting back to Nottingham on Saturday I have sorted out my UK phone contract, sorted out some Canadian Dollars (great exchange rates at the minute), contacted the student loans company and have started packing. Left on the list now is to finish packing, check I have printed out all the documents I need, and apply for a few more jobs. All of this shouldn’t take me much longer so I can spend any extra time chilling with my girlfriend or doing more research on places to go and see when I get to Vancouver. Only 11 days left until flight day, not that I am counting!

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