Doughnuts, Coffee and Kitsilano

49th Parallel & Lucky’s Doughnuts

A well known spot of indulgence situated in the up-market area of Vancouver called Kitsilano is 49th Parallel and Lucky’s Doughnuts. If ever you wanted to indulge yourself in great coffee and the best doughnuts you’ll ever taste you have to visit this place. Located at 2198 West 4th Avenue Vancouver BC Canada V6K 4S2 it is one of two 49th Parallel locations in Vancouver that are perfect for meeting friends, colleagues or that special person. The other is on Main and 4th.

Today I was meeting a friend, Harry Fricker of Fricker UK (follow the link to check out his work). Harry, like myself, has had the pleasure of living in the beautiful seaside county of Cornwall, UK and now finds himself back in Vancouver for the fifth or sixth time. Harry and I started our friendship through a mutual moving to Canada group on Facebook, but until today had never met in person.

Over coffee, and what can only be described as the biggest, most awesome peanut butter and jelly stuffed doughnut (I was that awestruck I forgot to take a photo, sorry), we discussed how we both ended up living our respective Canadian dreams and what we plan to do in the future. It was an ideal meet-up. Cheers for introducing me to this great coffee shop, Harry.

49th Parallel Coffee - Image from Choot (2012)
49th Parallel Coffee – Image from Choot (2012)
Lucky's Doughnuts - Image from Murray (2015)
Lucky’s Doughnuts – Image from Murray (2015)

Kitsilano Beach

After meeting up with Harry and feeling slightly over-indulged from my coffee and doughnut, it was time for a much needed walk. As we parted company, Harry recommended a walk down to Kitsilano Beach (Kits Beach as it’s known by locals) at the bottom of Yew Street. This lovely little beach is perfect for a short stroll with lots of sand, perfect for building sand castles. It is so peaceful, clean and is totally family friendly.

Some genius has even taken the initiative to lie tree trunks in rows along the beach offering perfect perching spots or shelter from any onshore wind (since writing this I have discovered this is the case with all the beaches across Vancouver). There’s also clear evidence of good quality water up and down the beach with millions of mussel and clam shells spread right across the beach.

As the water is most definitely sea water it offers the intoxicating salty smell I miss so much when I am away from Cornwall. Maybe it’s a coincidental irony that the beach sits backing onto Cornwall Avenue?!

On the way down to the beach (word of warning the hill is a little steep if making your way down with a stroller or wheelchair), there are a selection of little cafes and restaurants serving everything from Italian gelato and homemade cakes through to Thai and Chinese restaurants. There’s also the obligatory Starbucks situated on the corner of Yew Street and Cornwall Avenue too.

Kitsilano Beach
Kitsilano Beach – Skies showing winter is on the way
Rows of logs for sitting on or using as a windbreak - whoever did this is a genius
Rows of logs for sitting on or using as a windbreak – whoever did this is a genius


Moving on from Kitsilano Beach it is a gentle walk along a well laid coastal path around towards Hadden Park where you’ll find the Maritime Museum. From there it is another 10-15 minute walk to the Space Centre and Museum of Vancouver.

Although I didn’t visit either of the museums or Space Centre there is clearly far more exploring to do around this area and one thing is for sure, I will definitely be back.

Another Part of Kitsilano Beach with views towards main Vancouver City
Another Part of Kitsilano Beach with views towards main Vancouver City

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