End of week 2 – Job Hunting, Coffee Club, Making New Friends

I’ve now been in Vancouver for 2 weeks and it has flown by! It’s been an amazing experience so far. Week one was getting to know the city, and this week has been about applying for jobs and making friends.

For the first part of the week my housemate had his friend come over from Toronto so I spent time going around with them. It was really enjoyable getting to see some different areas of the city and having some company.

Looking for work

Looking for work has been an interesting experience. My main focus has been the hotels where I hope to get some sales or reservations work. I have also been applying for other work so I am optimistic something will come out soon. My target is to get an offer within the next 10-12. Next week I think it’s time to call in some help from some recruitment consultants too.

Meetup Coffee Club

The end of the week has also been really enjoyable, especially today. Today I went to a Coffee Club run through Meetup. Coming from all walks of life and different backgrounds (including a Brit who has lived here for over 50 years), I was welcomed with open arms. After several hours of good conversation I felt well and truly at home amongst this group and I look forward to going to future meetings.

After leaving the coffee shop it was time to make my way home. To the shock of many friends and family back home I actually wore a raincoat for the first time in years, literally! With today’s weather I would have been a fool to do anything but wear a coat. The weather has definitely changed, and autumn is well and truly setting in. The rain today has been particularly persistent which is great for the ski resorts in the mountains as when the rain comes to the city it’s snowing in the mountains.

This year Vancouverite’s have been praying for a better snow season than last year as last year was pretty awful. Looking at the skies on my way home I think their prayers are going to be answered for the next few days as well. I managed to get a few good pics too, check them out:

Christening the North Face coat! It's a bit wet out here.
I’m wearing a raincoat, what is this madness?! North Face you served me well.
Moody skies over the mountains
Moody skies over the mountains
First Canadian rainbow
First Canadian rainbow
I think there is more rain coming tonight
I think there is more rain coming tonight

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better!

As if the aforementioned hadn’t made for a great week, I came home to find one of my best mates from back home, Richard Jenkins, has just released his first music video thanks to the amazing guys at Oak Sessions!

I’ve known Richard for over 4 years and can safely say he is one of the most decent, true and honest people I know. Check out his amazing talent – like, share, follow and spread his name. His debut EP is coming out soon too so make sure you follow him on Facebook and YouTube, it’s not going to be long now!

Mate you’re gonna go all the way, I can feel it! You just better come to Canada on tour when you make it big!

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