Job Hunting

Job Hunting - Picture from Mr Digital World
Job Hunting – Picture from Mr Digital World

Job Hunting

This week has been a short week due to Monday being Thanksgiving but it has definitely felt like a long one. Why? Because my job hunting has definitely stepped up a gear as I have been registering with recruitment agencies and continuing my applications for other jobs.

Aside from applying for jobs I have had the usual nervous wait for references. Tip: for anyone moving abroad get your references sorted before you move, time differences are awkward for getting them. Thankfully mine are coming through but it has been a rather nail biting wait (it’s only been 72 hours)! Fingers crossed the job offers start coming in soon.

Fingers Crossed
Fingers Crossed

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4 thoughts on “Job Hunting

  1. Hi Phil,
    I’m heading to Canada later this year from Australia. What do you mean about having you references sorted before you arrive? Here references are always a phone call to the contacts you provide, does Canada take written reference letters?
    Thanks for your help!


    1. Hi Mez,

      Thank you for your comment. What I meant by having references sorted before you leave is see if your employer will give you a pre-written reference that they can email you or give you as a letter. The biggest problem we face in Canada is we are behind the rest of the world in business hours so it takes much longer to get things like references/hear back from contacts back home. Try and eliminate as much leg work for your future employers or recruitment companies. Also check if your references are happy to provide opinionated references because I got caught out by this. An opinionated reference is one that’s more than simply you worked from x-y dates. These days many employers don’t give them which can be a real pain especially if your recruiter or employer wants one.

      Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out if you want any help.

      Good luck



  2. Hi Phil.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated! I’ll make sure I get these organised before I come. Can’t wait!



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