Shopping – Cushions and Candles


Situated on Main Street, Vancouver is a must-visit shop called Nineteen Ten. Celebrating their 3rd birthday this weekend they are having a 20% sale on everything, including online –

In this wonderful little store there are beautifully handcrafted items, top quality ornaments, Canadian handmade cushions, eco candles and the list goes on. During the last week I bought a Slow Burn Eco Candle (Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender scented), which currently is doing a great job of making my room smell amazing. When I was there I enquired about the cushion I have gone back and bought today and was told about the 20% sale on this weekend. It is really comfy and amazing quality, it has made my room feel more my own.

Buying the odd thing here and there is part of making Canada my home. Be it soft furnishings, candles, a blender, or my own frying pan, it all makes a difference.

As there’s only 24 hours left of the sale be sure to check out Nineteen Ten’s website. Free shipping on all orders over $150!


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