What a week, it’s been emotional – Job Hunting, Tai Chi, Coffee Club

What a week – Job Hunting

What a week, it’s been emotional, especially on the job hunting front! This Monday I chased a recruitment consultant I have been using here in Vancouver about a company he had presented me to. It’s been about 5 weeks since I signed up with him and this company is seriously high on my want-to-work-for list.

After chasing the recruitment consultant he came back to me to say there were some jobs at this company but he thought we’d ruled them out. Turned out we hadn’t ruled them out but in order to be presented it was time for more aptitude tests (damn you tests)! Tests done and after hitting above average scores I was presented and asked to attend an interview in less than 24 hours time.

The company I was going for I had researched to the nth degree, like literally every page of their website, their financial statements, missions statements, history and all the other stuff 99% of people never read. Interview time and I was pumped; I’m weird because I like interviews. I went in and on my way in was talking to my interviewer about this blog, what I’m doing with it, how many followers I have etc.

In the interview room it’s down to business, time to pull out the big-gun questions; scenarios, work history and all the usual stuff. Interview total time 1 hour, which is about average for me. Coming out I felt pretty good and confident, I felt I had answered the questions well and as usual I was totally upfront and straight about what I wanted (certainly the best way I feel to be during an interview).

Wednesday morning and I’m sat by the phone waiting, waiting, waiting. After about 2 hours it rings, typical I was taking a shower so I didn’t hear it.

I came out and missed call from the recruitment agents. I rang back and to my delight I have been offered the job, wahoo!! 10 seconds later I’m asked “are you ok to start on Monday?”, answer “yep not a problem”. Recruiter “ok good, we just need you to come in and fill out some paperwork”, me “ok no problem, I’ll be in this afternoon”.

In I go and to my horror I am met with 5 forms. 2 forms are pretty straightforward and meant I can be paid (always good), the next 3 my jaw drops (they want my education history, work history with managers names, and a criminal record check).

Ok criminal record check is fine, there’s nothing on there but damn this is cutting it fine. Education history, not too bad and I am sad and I still remember my university student number and the university’s full address. Next one, work history going back for my last 5 employers, “WHAT?! I thought we covered this with my references”.

Turns out this is not the case and there needs to be a full background check. Again not an issue in principle but we’re now looking at Thursday and Friday business days only as by the time I’d gone in to fill the forms out it’s the end of the work day for Wednesday in the UK.

For the next 2 days I spent chewing my nails to nothing and waiting by the phone. These checks need to come back before Monday in order for me to start work. Friday morning and I’ve waited enough, it’s 7pm UK time so I should have an answer. I picked up the phone and made that call (heart racing)!

First bit of news good, my criminal record check and education history are back, but where’s my work history? I nervously ask, “so what does this mean? Can I start on Monday?”, recruiter “I don’t know, I’ll get back to you later”.

Phone down, heart racing, blood pressure up, me pacing back and forth. 2 minutes later phone rings again, this time the news I wanted “you can start on Monday!”, my reaction, dance around my room like a crazy man.

The recruitment check still needs to be completed but I will be a working man again on Monday morning! I am also relieved as since I found out I got the job I did 2 dry runs taking different routes out to work to check which was best. To do these I had to do two 6:15am starts in the rain (winter has definitely arrived here). I cannot wait to start work on Monday!


Tai Chi

After the ups and downs of the week emotionally, this morning I needed to get myself grounded again by taking a Tai Chi class I had enquired about a couple of weeks ago.

Despite the deluge of water coming down I made my way to the class and wow was I pleased I went. The class was great. It was small and intimate, and the teacher is really good. He comes from a karate background so he likes to teach Tai Chi with its martial art and self defence application. This is something I have only ever done a handful of times back home and I really enjoyed, so I was really happy to hear this.

The class was great. I also felt so much more alive, grounded, centred and full of energy.

Tai Chi - Definitely like me in so many ways
Tai Chi – Definitely like me in so many ways

Coffee Club

This afternoon has been just a rewarding as the morning Tai Chi lesson. As you will know already, if you have been following my blog, I go to a weekly Coffee Club on a Saturday afternoon. Every time I have a great time and this time, as normal, didn’t disappoint.

This week was great as everyone was really happy for me about getting my job. They’ve all been really supportive over the weeks as I have gone through the inevitable ups and downs of job hunting.

To top today’s session off I have also been invited to a Christmas Day get-together at one of the group members houses who usually does it with a few people from the group who all bring something different to eat for the day in a potluck. So not only am I not going to be on my own for Christmas, I get to spend it with some of these other great group members.

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