Christmas Day

I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude after yesterday, it was one of the best Christmas’s ever.

My morning started off with FaceTiming my family and girlfriend. It was so good to see and speak to them. I have been spoilt rotten, I was sent a hamper and bottle of port by my mum and I was given an electric photo frame with over 200 photos of friends and family by my girlfriend (I am the biggest nightmare to buy for as I never ask for anything).

My brother is also giving me a gift but he’s not bought it yet. In truly cheesy fashion I waited to speak to each person before opening my presents. I behaved myself and avoided opening them all as soon as the clock stuck midnight.

After FaceTime it was time to get ready to go out for Christmas lunch and dinner. The first Christmas do I went to was with friends I have made here from the UK, Ireland and Spain. It was so much fun and there was a real festive spirit. For almost, if not, all of us it is our first Christmas away from our families on Christmas Day so it was wonderful to spend time with what feels like a new Canadian family.

I had an amazing time although I was gutted I missed out on the turkey dinner which was ready after I left to go to my second Christmas do. The 2 slices of pizza I picked up on my way didn’t quite cut it in comparison but was definitely needed after drinking a bottle of wine on an almost empty stomach. The photos of the dinner look amazing and the smells coming from the turkey before I left were intoxicating.

My second Christmas do was also great fun. It was a complete mixture of people from all over the world including Asia, India, Afghanistan, Canada and the UK. Our Christmas dinner resembled nothing I have ever seen at Christmas before. We had anything but your traditional turkey dinner but it was really enjoyable and there was a real sense of belonging here too. The evening here ended at a fairly civilised hour and to my amazement I was still able to catch transit back home.

Overall I don’t think I could have had a much better first Christmas away from home. I really felt at home with both groups of people and the level of generosity and sense of family amongst friends really came through.

I hope everyone else was as lucky as me and had an awesome Christmas.

A few photos from Christmas Day

Its Christmas

Not a bad view
Mountain Views

Sunset Gorgeous skies

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