Sky Zone – Burn 700 calories and have great fun for an hour!

Today was the day my group of friends and I decided to start ticking things off of our very long to-do list. Despite the really sunny weather we decided we fancied using some vouchers we picked up at a Christmas market for Sky Zone, an indoor trampolining centre that can be found in Canada, the US, Australia and Mexico.

After making our way out to Scott Road skytrain station it was a 5 minute walk to Sky Zone. The facility is really big and there is a great selection of trampolines to choose from. There are dodgeball courts, a foam pit for the agile (or in my case not so agile) gymnast, a trampoline room with trampolines on the walls and 3 basketball hoops of varying heights for bouncing slam dunks.

When we first arrived we had to sign liability waivers before paying our entry fee and collecting our bright orange trampolining socks. There are lockers to put your valuables in and shoe racks. FYI the lockers take $1 coins but unlike your usual coin operated lockers you don’t get your dollar back when you open it so be mindful if you decide to go back and grab bits from the locker during your visit.

Upon entering the trampolining area we headed straight for the trampoline room. After numerous failed bouncing flurries I finally found my legs and quite quickly started to feel I was getting somewhere.

After 10 minutes bouncing we decided it was time for the foam pit. Several of the group were naturals at it showing some impressive skills with flips and twirls. I, on the other hand, did not have a natural rhythm and ended up face planting the foam, elegant it was not. Looking at the foam pit you’d assume it was easy to get out of, trust me, it is not. I looked something crossed between a beached whale and an elephant in quick mud. Eventually, but not very elegantly I made my way out and found my way, along with the rest of the group, to the basketball hoops.

There are 3 hoops, one small, one medium and one large. I opted for the medium hoop figuring it was a good place to start and especially as I was having issues finding my forward bouncing rhythm. When I was a kid I used to love shooting hoops with my brother so I figured it wouldn’t be too hard. Again I was so wrong as I could not get everything timed properly. After countless failed attempts, plenty of falling and all but giving up I finally landed the ball in the hoop but by no means was it with any sort of finesse or in any way impressive like some of the group.

The final room to be tackled was dodgeball. By this time my legs were feeling pretty jellified and I was certainly feeling there’s definite room for improvement on my fitness. Trying to bounce and coordinate balls was somewhat ammusing if not much harder than it looks but we had great fun throwing the balls at one another.

One poor guy discovered bending, bouncing and trying to pick a ball up all at once is not a good idea for keeping your trousers in tact and promply found the back of his had split. Thankfully a jumper around his waist saved him an embarrasing trip back home on the SkyTrain.

Overall, after an hour of bouncing, falling, throwing and flipping we were all well and truly spent. One of our group was wearing a fitbit wristband and checked her calories burned and in an hour she managed to burn a whopping 700 calories, not bad for an hour of being big kids.

We were all in agreement we will definitely go back but none of us are looking forward to the aches we are going to be feeling in the morning. Out of 5 stars I would give Sky Zone 4.5, I really didn’t like the money swallowing lockers. Next time I will find my rhythm and get more creative but for now my only hope is my ankles and legs work in the morning.

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One thought on “Sky Zone – Burn 700 calories and have great fun for an hour!

  1. I would love to have been a fly on the wall! But hey, 10/10 for effort and what a great way to exercise – always more enjoyable in the company of others.


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