Let me apologise for my complete lack of posting. It has been over a month since my last post! It has been a pretty crazy month, I have been back to the UK for a 2 week vacation, as well as found and started a new job.

Going back home was really good. I got picked up from the airport by my brother and was quickly whisked up to Nottingham to be with my girlfriend. It was so good to be able to have a good catch-up with my brother on the drive and to see my girlfriend the day I landed. I had not been home since I left on my move to Vancouver back in September 2015. Going back home felt really weird. It was great to be back but I missed Canada a lot.

Being back in Nottingham with my girlfriend and seeing my mates was fun. Every time I saw someone new I would be telling them stories about my move to Vancouver and what life is like out here. Every time I told another person I just affirmed to myself what a great move this has been and how happy I am that I did it. I feel happier, healthier and much more alive.

Aside from my girlfriend, family and friends, the only things I miss are some foods that you can’t get in Canada. Some might say being away from your partner, family and friends would be enough to stop you making the move but when you come back and people get to see how much more alive and happier you are it soon makes that move seem so worthwhile. I absolutely love it in Canada and genuinely can imagine living in Canada for many many years.

My first week back in the UK was spent in Nottingham. Unfortunately my girlfriend had to work but that then left me to meet up with friends during the day. I went out for lunch 6 out of the 8 days I was there, it was great fun. After a week in Nottingham, my girlfriend and I went down to Cornwall to see my Mum and brother.

Cornwall very much inspired my decision to come to Vancouver. Having grown up by the sea and with lots of green space I moved to Vancouver looking for the same, and boy does Vancouver have it in bucketloads.

The week in Cornwall was very chilled. I only spent time with family, making the most of the time I had there. During my time in Cornwall my grandma turned 80 and we had a family dinner out to celebrate. I also got to catch up with some of my cousins, an aunty and uncle.

For the most part the weather behaved itself although in true Cornish style there had to be some rain. Aside from spending time chatting and generally enjoying one anothers company we did archery, a family favourite, went to the cinema to see the new Jason Bourne film, and went for a spa day (another family favourite). The whole time was exactly what I needed to reset my batteries ready to come back and start my new job.

My Great Canadian Move

I have been back in Vancouver for just under 2 weeks. The 14 hour trip back went really smoothly and this time I got to enjoy some of the incredible views over BC as we flew in from Edmonton.

It felt so familiar coming back to Vancouver and I was really excited to start my new job. 9 days in and the job is going well. I have a lot to learn but I have had a good pay rise and the company I am working for is really good. I finally feel like my career is going in the direction I want it to go and I work with some really friendly people.

I know it’s early doors still but I already feel like I have been there much longer. There’s also an on-site gym, a subsidised cafeteria and free shuttle bus to and from work. All in all I think I am on to a good thing. All I have to do now is perform the best I can and pass my probation.

I hope you are all well, wherever in the world you are and if you’re planning any big adventures get in touch and let me know. Have a great time until next time.

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