Deep Cove and Quarry Rock

On Saturday I decided to head to Deep Cove and do the hike out to Quarry Rock. Some friends of mine had done the walk before and were off doing other things so I took myself off and went exploring. From home it took me a about 80 minutes to get there as it’s across on North Vancouver.

Going over to North Vancouver I am always amazed by how picturesque it is with the mountains and trees. To think it’s literally on the doorstep and a stones throw away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Vancouver it still impresses me.

After arriving at Deep Cove I had a quick walk along the high street before setting off on my hike. The hike is well signposted and finding it is easy, just follow the groups of people in jogging pants and t-shirts.

The hike itself is a little under 2 kilometers each way but walking on uneven turrain and up and down steps you’d be forgiven for thinking it is further. I would definitely recommend taking a good amount of water with you as it gets pretty hot.

One of the great things about this hike is you get people of all ages doing it, from kids all the way up to seniors. Some people fly through it while others take a leisurely stroll. I saw several people running it with dogs, which made me feel even more unfit than I already do. Good footwear is a must for this walk. There is plenty of loose soil for which you will want good grip on your shoes to navigate, especially coming downhill.

The hike took me about an hour on the way out to Quarry Rock and 45 minutes on the way back. There were plenty of stopping points and people are happy to go around you if they want to get ahead. The terrain is pretty uneven and doesn’t go constantly up or constantly down.

It can be pretty demoralising when you are going to Quarry Rock to be going uphill and thinking ‘yes, at least it will all be downhill on the way back’ only to turn the next corner and see you’re going downhill for part of the way there. That gives the realisation that there’s going to be more uphill on the way back. However, it was weird because I found it much harder on the way out there than on the way back. I didn’t stop once on the way back.

My Great Canadian Move
The park before the hike
My Great Canadian Move
Hi ho hi ho it’s up the stairs we go…
My Great Canadian Move
Boardwalk and stairs in the trees
My Great Canadian Move
More boardwalk

The views along the hike are really good. The canopy and forest offer plenty of things to look at but the best views are definitely from Quarry Rock itself. It’s absolutely stunning with views back to Deep Cove and across the mountains, I can certainly see why so many people do it.

Whilst I was at Quarry Rock I was lucky enough to see, what I think is a Golden Eagle flying around the trees not more than 10 metres above me. It was so beautiful to watch such a majestic bird gliding through the air. I often wonder what they must think looking down on all the people who come into their home to explore.

After my hike I took a stroll through Deep Cove high street. I had been told there was a really good ice cream shop, which I found and treated myself to. It was so tasty. After a bit more wandering I got back on the bus and headed back to Downtown Vancouver. For an afternoon of exploring it was definitely worth going there. What’s really nice is it doesn’t need to take a whole day so like me you can decide on the spur of the moment.

My Great Canadian Move
Views from the top
My Great Canadian Move
Views from Quarry Rock
My Great Canadian Move
The obligatory selfie – it’s a bit warm out!
My Great Canadian Move
Golden Eagle, what a majestic bird. No zoom on this photo.
My Great Canadian Move
Views from Deep Cove across to the mountains
My Great Canadian Move
Post hike reward, mmm

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