Canniversary – 1 year on

Today marks the first year anniversary of me moving to Canada. It is an incredible feeling to think it is a year already and to reflect back on what I have achieved and experienced. There have been many highs and definitely some lows along the way.

Highs include making friends that I believe will be friends for life, successfully getting different jobs and being able to support myself financially in an expensive city in a foreign country, having nearly 800 followers of my blog from all over the world, and losing just shy of 40lb in body weight.

I have had some incredible adventures too, not least snowmobiling and ATV driving in Whistler and this weekend going whale watching (keep an eye out for a blog post about it, it was amazing). I feel a lot healthier and more certain of my life here. I have found a career I enjoy and have a lot of plans of ways to take big action and make my life the best it can possibly be.

Unfortunately, as is life at times there are also some lows of the year. Homesickness was one that came in waves. For all the will in the world it is unavoidable but it’s not much fun to go through. This is where it is important to create a good support network when you move to a new country because sometimes you just need a hug or to talk to someone face to face, and Skype or FaceTime do not do it.

Most recently this has been hugely important to me as my relationship with my girlfriend came to an end. Having managed almost a year of doing a long distance relationship we came to the realisation that we have very different life trajectories and despite the love we have for one another it isn’t fair to keep our relationship going when neither of us would be truly happy if we sacrificed what lives we have created for ourselves. The end was very amicable, not bitter and we hope to remain friends but there is definitely grieving to be done by both of us. I certainly have no regrets and can only thank her for standing by me for the last year as I have done something I have dreamed of doing for many years. She is an incredibly supportive and loving person whom I am incredibly proud of and will miss being with a great deal. I hope both she and I go on to meet people who share the same dreams we have and can share our lives with. Katie, thank you for everything you did for me, the love we shared and the support you have given me. You will never know how truly grateful I am to you, I really hope we keep in touch. Take care and look after yourself. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

Over the next few months I will be making preparations to submit my Permanent Residency application. There is a lot to do and I intend on documenting it all for you. One of the things I really love about writing this blog is being able to give you information I wish I could find elsewhere. I find it hugely rewarding when people contact me or leave comments thanking me for the content I post. I am certain it’s a big reason I have such a large number of followers and will attract many more as time goes by.

As I embark on my second year in Canada, and as mentioned above, I have plans to take massive action in my life to better myself. Part of that is working on developing a second website deadicated to helping people with Essential Life Skills. This will include the launch of my first recipe book for beginners, advice about key things in life like saving, budgeting, getting a credit card, writing a resume and job applications. I have a lot to do to make it happen but I am definitely not resting on my laurels and will be sure to let you know when I launch it.

I also intend to do some personal development with a view to getting into coaching. Something I have heard from a number of friends and people I have met is that I have a great ability to connect with others and should seriously consider doing some form of coaching and this is something I would love to persue further. At the moment I am not entirely sure what direction I want to go but my initial feeling is some form of life coaching for young adults. With the bredth of experiences I have had, I feel I could really give young people some perspective on how it’s ok to be unsure of what you want, you just have to trust yourself and go for it.

Overall I feel really positive about the future. As mentioned already I have a good amount of emotional grieving to do but I feel confident that I will come out the other side a stronger person. I can’t thank my colleagues, friends and family enough for the support they have given me, not just in this recent separation but also throughout my journey to create the life I have dreamed of. Thank you. Please keep following this blog as I continue to document my Canadian life. There is a lot more adventure and information to come and I would love to keep you on this journey.

My Great Canadian Move
Morning sunrise over the Fraser River

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