Thanksgiving 2.0 – Turkey Dinner, Escape Room

Today is the 2nd Canadian Thanksgiving I have celebrated. As would be expected I celebrated with a group of friends. The people whom I celebrated with, not 12 months ago, were only day-old friends. It is bizarre to think that it has been a year since we first met at our first Orphans Thanksgiving. In so many ways it feels like we have known each other much longer and yet in others like it has only been 5 minutes. I am so grateful to have met them and I am sure many, if not all, of them will remain friends for life.

The long weekend kicked off to a great start with a night out with a close friend of mine. We met for what was supposed to be a quiet night with a few pints but turned into a night of a lot of drinking, dancing and laughing our socks off. It was a great evening although I felt somewhat tender the following morning. I have no regrets though although not eating before I went out was a bit of a rooky mistake.

Saturday was a pretty relaxed day completing the usual household chores in the morning. In the late afternoon a group of us decided to tackle another escape room, this time at Exit Vancouver West Broadway. We have done a few in the past at different escape room complexes and love to give our brains a challenge, despite the fact we hadn’t completed a full one. This time we changed that and completed the room, albeit as a result of the room being set up incorrectly but we still claim it as a victory, especially as it is the hardest one at this escape room complex.

My Great Canadian Move
We did it!

Sunday was our official Orphans Thanksgiving. We were a mix of new and old friends that went back to the same pub the older members of the group met at for the first time, the Barney Stone.

We had a very chilled lunch together although there was no turkey in sight. It was nice to be back where it all began again. We also had another couple of people join us. Being the small world that it is, the new people were the cousin and her boyfriend, of one of my oldest friends from the UK.

I have known my friend since I was 4, so 25 years, which is older than some of my friends in Vancouver. It was a really good afternoon and a good number of us stayed on until late into the evening chilling and chatting. We did also watch the American Presidential Debate, which was scary to watch given one of two not great candidates will soon become president of the most powerful country in the Western World.

Today, which is officially Thanksgiving in Canada because it is the 2nd Monday in October, was also another really good day. The morning was spent researching Permanent Residency application information, which was interesting if not very complicated at times as the Canadian Government Website kept sending me around in circles.

This afternoon 7 of us met up for a proper turkey Thanksgiving Lunch. It was so good and was the closest thing I have found to a British Sunday Lunch. There was turkey, stuffing, mash potato, green beans, cranberry sauce and gravy. It was literally like a gastronomic hug and felt very homely. It was followed by sticky toffee pudding and ice cream so by the end I was stuffed. It was well worth it and I am really pleased we did it.

To round off the weekend we went back to one of groups place and played games. It was very relaxed and a great way to finish off the long weekend. Now I am hoping that I don’t go into work tomorrow and find my inbox crammed full with emails. I look after a lot of American customers and they didn’t have the day off today but that is tomorrow Phil’s problem.

Overall I couldn’t have asked to spend the Thanksgiving weekend any other way. I am very grateful for the friends I have here, especially recently with the emotional ups and downs I have felt. I hope all those celebrating Thankgiving today had a great day and were with people they love and make them happy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone from one very fat and full Phil!

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