Whistler Train Wreck

If you’re looking for something to do around Whistler that doesn’t involve snow then a walk around Whistler Train Wreck is definitely worth your while. Located west of Whistler Village it is a short car journey and you’ll find yourself in the backend of nowhere. When the mist is rolling in across the mountains and the rain is pouring it feels really eerie but very fresh. The trail itself is not particularly easy to find but it is definitely worth it.

The train cars have sat in the forest since 1956 and have been transformed into a haven for graffiti artists. The cars have been turned into a cross country bike course offering a range of jumps to the experienced rider. To get to the cars is just over a kilometer hike that is suitable for most able-bodied people. At the bottom of the trail is a suspension bridge over the Cheakamus River. The sheer power of the water rapids is quite something to behold and is quite mesmerising.

Getting down there and back up takes no more than 60-90 minutes at a leisurely pace but you’ll want to spend time exploring the cars and checking out the graffiti.

My Great Canadian Move

This is almost best done in the rain or when it is misty because it is more atmospheric. Just seeing the train cars scattered in the forest gives you some idea of just how terrifying the train wreck must have been. For me at least, there were a few points where the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Looking at the twisted metal hints at the sheer force of the train wreck at the time and you can almost imagine hearing the creaks and groans over the years as the site settled, untouched and forgotten.

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