Time flies

It dawned on me today that it’s been just over 3 years since I started to plan my move to Canada. During that time there was a lot of uncertainty, a lot of questions and a lot of doubts from people I knew around me.

When I applied for my IEC Visa the process was very different to that what you see today. Back then you applied on a particular day, at a specific time and it was a first come, first served basis for who got on the list and got processed. Now everyone is put into a pool and names are drawn at random.

You could be in the pool a week, it could be a month, or could be never pulled, even if you put your name down from the beginning. I’m not sure I could have stomached putting up with that for too long so I have a lot of admiration for those going through it now. All I will say is hang on in there, Canada is definitely worth it.

At the time of my application there were a lot of questions I had. I wonder how many of them you can relate to:

  • Will I actually go through with it?
  • Would I cope being away from my family and friends and living in a country where I knew nobody?
  • What happens if I go and don’t like it?
  • What happens if I fail?
  • Will I find a job and somewhere to live?
  • Is this the right decision?

Add to that I had a lot of friends who said I wouldn’t do it, especially as I had been in a long-term relationship up to that point. That relationship lasted until nearly a year after I left the UK. One thing I am sincerely grateful for is that neither my ex-girlfriend nor my family doubted I would do it. Maybe it was my stubborness, maybe it was them seeing that there was something hugely important about this journey for me even if they nor I could fully explain what it was exactly.

I have been in Canada for just over 16 months and I am going through my Permanent Residency application to stay here. I also have friends who initially were planning to go home at the end of their visas who have gone back to see family and friends, and have come back wanting to stay here.

I think the point of this post is, sometimes you can never fully understand why something is important, and it is certainly far too easy to come up with excuses not to chase something because it might not work out. Believe me I have been there before but I have also chased a lot of my dreams, maybe in more structured ways that just dropping everything and doing something different but I’ve still chased them.

My biggest message to you is, if you have a dream chase it, chase it regardlesss of those that might doubt you, including yourself because I can tell you from experience that whatever the outcome you will learn more from trying than never bothering. I’ve chased dreams that haven’t worked out and I have chased the biggest dream of my life that I am getting to live today.

When I didn’t succeed I felt depressed and sense of failure, now I feel more alive and on top of the world than ever before. Without failure there isn’t hunger to strive for something better. Failure is part of life, be that failed friendships, relationships, goals, careers etc. what’s important is how you move on and what you do next. Sitting still and doing nothing means you’ll never achieve anything. Better to be the man that failed than the man that never tried.

What are your dreams and what have you done to chase them?

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2 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. Very proud of all you have achieved out there mate. Not once did I every think you would back down from it, and I was not wrong. You win some, you lose some. But you are right. If you do not follow your dreams, no matter the form they take, then you will never know and you will never experience the things that change your life so dramatically.

    For me, leaving my job and pursuing a career in music for a year or two was a massive step into the unknown, especially on the back of a failed relationship and after struggling with feel low for a long period of time. But it turned out to be an amazing gamble. I wouldn’t have the job I have now, or my home, and most probably not my beautiful girlfriend, and I certianly wouldn’t have the amazing friends, memories and stories from along the way.

    So yes, anyone reading Phil’s post, believe in his words!! Even if your dream isn’t to travel across to world to live somewhere else, the words here are still relevant. ‘Just do it!’.

    But again Phil, couldn’t be happier for you man, all the love and hugs being sent your snowy way! xxx

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    1. Hi Rich,

      What an incredible message to wake up to, thank you. Although I probably would have moved had people told me I couldn’t or not supported me, it is the support of friends and family like you that make this so much easier and meaningful. Throughout the process of getting here and making a life here, the support and love from you and your family has been completely selfless, and for that I will be forever grateful.

      Although I know this move has meant we will see less of each other in person, I know that our friendship will last a lifetime. If there is one thing I have learnt in life so far, true friends are not those you need to speak to all of the time, they are the ones who, after not speaking to them for what seems like forever, you pick with where you left off like there was not a day in between.

      Thank you for all your support. I can’t wait until such a time that you can come out here and see this beautiful place. Only then will I be able to show you the true reason I have fallen in love with my new home.

      Big hugs and lots of love to you, Faye and your family xxx


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