The man behind Zennor Made

The Man behind Zennor Made is none other than Jamie Zennor Downs-Atkins.

Great Canadian Move

Jamie is an old school friend of mine. We have known each other for 18.5 years but for the last 11.5 have not seen each other. We have kept in touch via social media but on my recent visit back to the UK we decided it was high time to meet up again in person.

Having been so long since we last met it was great to catch up on the old times, as well as fill each other in on what we have been doing all this time. What was fascinating was to see how our lives have taken very different trajectories. For instance Jamie is a small business owner living in the same county he grew up in in the UK, yet I have move 4,500 miles away to Vancouver in Canada, where I am now looking to settle for the foreseeable future.

Ever since I can remember Jamie has always been interested in wood and using his hands to create incredible pieces of work. From a teen he was often found stood in a pile of wood shavings as his latest masterpiece started to take shape. This creative flare has carried on into his adulthood. Now his business, Zennor Made, sees him commissioned to make pieces for restaurants, private clients and other local businesses. Check out some of his work here.

Recently, Jamie has taken the business international, sending pieces of work all over the world to private clients – if you are interested in purchasing any of Jamie’s work check out his online shopJamie makes a range of handmade wooden items including coasters, bowls, boxes, tables, stand alone pieces of woodwork, and the list goes on.

Spending the morning with Jamie was great. His passion for his work is palpable and you can’t help but feel excited by his plans for the business. I even got the opportunity to see him hard at work shaping a beautiful piece of wood that is set to become a bowl.

Being a small business, all of the business is owned and run by Jamie from the web development through to the actual pieces he makes to sell. It’s quite remarkable to listen to him talk about how the business has developed and where he wants to take it in the future. A huge help to him is getting tip-offs about any driftwood or wood that needs to be disposed of. He loves using driftwood to make different things as the wood often presents different challenges and has a lot of character.

If you know of any such offerings please do reach out to him. You never know, your tip off may see Jamie use the wood to be made into a feature piece for one of his many clients. Likewise, if you are interested in commissioning any pieces or making a general enquiry about what he can do, contact him on

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One thought on “The man behind Zennor Made

  1. Wow what an amazing write up you’ve done me there Phil! Thank you so much! It’s great to hear that my passion comes across in not only what I do but how I do it! It was really great to catch up, and fascinating to hear from the horses mouth how your move to Canada has and is panning out! I can certainly relate to the excitement of such a big move and the way it shapes the plans that come from such an adventure, moving from steady employment to the world of starting and running my own business!

    Let’s not make it 11 years this time! Hey, who knows… someone over the pond may just need a bespoke piece making for their Canadian home, there sure are some amazing trees out there! And plenty of them!

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