PR Update

It’s been a while since I last posted and I figured it would be apt to give you the low-down on where I am at with my Permanent Residency application given that that’s the biggest thing I have going on at the moment. You may recall a few weeks ago I posted on the Great Canadian Move Facebook group to say that I had submitted my profile into the pool of candidates to be considered for an Invitation to Apply, which is the official invite to apply for PR. You’ll never believe it but a week later I received an ITA but had to decline it as I was 10 days shy of the full 12 month’s work required to qualify under the program I am applying through (Canadian Experience Class – bases your application on your work experience within Canada).

Before you think I have thrown away my opportunity to apply I did make sure to check out with an immigration lawyer that I did indeed need to decline the invitation. She confirmed that the reason behind it is because even if I was to wait more than 10 days to submit my ITA the application is fed off of the date the invitation was actually sent, which was 10 days too early for me. Based on that they would reject my application and could potentially prevent me from applying again because I would have lied on my application. This is not a risk I am prepared to take so it is only sensible to go back into the pool and wait again.

Although disappointing that I had to decline the invitation I declined it the day I received it and so automatically go back into the pool to be able to be called up to apply again. Now I have officially passed the year threshold I can accept the invitation as soon as it arrives.

Whilst I have been waiting for the ITA’s to be issued I have successfully applied for and received my police certificate for immigration. Important note here, you need to make sure that when you get a police check done that it specifies it is for the purpose of immigration as there are additional checks completed during this check that can affect your immigration application. For a UK police check on standard turnaround time it cost me £45. There wasn’t an additional charge to post it to Canada, which was nice and it took just under 3 weeks to arrive from the date of application.

Once I get the ITA I will have to get a medical done and references from my jobs in Canada and then I am set to go. It is all very exciting and I am very confident that it should be a matter of when I get issued an ITA rather than if. I am definitely doing everything in my power to be able to get it.

In other news I have been busy house hunting for the 4th time. I can’t quite believe it will be my 4th house move in 2 years but then again it’s nice to have a change of living space and have another clear out. I am very close to securing somewhere to live, which is great as that puts a big tick in the to-do box. I am moving from my current place as my contract is up and I don’t want to renew it.

The final big thing I am working on is developing my investing knowledge for North America. As soon as I have my PR I will be looking for ways to make my salary go further and start saving for my future. This is something I have neglected until now because I haven’t been sure of where in the world I intended to make my base. I also want to get back into investing again as it is depressing watching any savings I have sit and do nothing in a basic savings account in Canada. Sadly, I don’t earn enough currently to qualify for better interest rates, which means based on my current rate it will take over 140 years to double my savings!!

Overall, things feel like they are going really well. Something that is definitely still true is, that despite the amount of uncertainty surrounding what is to come in the future I feel excited about what is coming even though I have no idea what that something might be. I am certainly trying my best to live in the here and now and enjoy it for what it is, whilst keeping half an eye on where I want to go.

Watch this space for more updates. I hope all of your lives are feeling similar with excitement but if not that you have plans you are working on to get it there. It might take some effort but it is totally worth it in the end.

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