End of 2017 – Reflections and forthcoming plans for 2018

As the final couple of hours of 2017 are drawing in it’s time for some quiet reflection about the last 12 months. The highs, the lows, and the plans for next year.

Thankfully, in 2017 there were very few lows. There were a couple of nerve-wracking, nail biting moments but nothing that made me completely fed-up with life. I didn’t complete all of my New Years resolutions for 2017 but I achieved a number of things I wanted to, the biggest of which was getting Permanent Residency in Canada, which means I can call Canada home for the foreseeable future. It was a perfect way to start my 30’s.

Speaking of my 30’s, I was lucky enough to turn 30 6 months ago surrounded by people who make me happy and joined in celebrating this milestone in my life. A momentous occasion for a number of reasons.

As promised at the end of last year I continued to put out more content on the blog, with some great successes, including meeting another follower in person in Vancouver. I love to hear from you about your plans to move to Canada and have several plans for the blog for 2018 including looking into creating a podcast series and offering experience days. These are both in the early planning stages but I am excited to see how it develops.

Another great achievement for 2017 was increasing the amount of networking I have been doing. I have made a number of great contacts in 2017, both professionally and personally that I look forward to getting to know further.

As I enter into 2018, I am really happy with where life is and where it seems to be heading. I am excited to see what 2018 brings now that I have a much greater sense of being settled in Canada.

For the next 12 months I want to achieve:

  1. Developing the blog to generate residual income through exerpeince days
  2. Further networking
  3. More travelling – The US and South America are high on my list
  4. Definitely sorting out my finances – savings are a must and get back into investing
  5. Investing in some paid personal development and coaching

I hope everyone else is having a happy and healthy New Year. Remember, I am always happy to help and advise on all things Canada related – you might have noticed I am quite fond of the place, although I always try to give a balanced 3D view of what life is like.

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Until 2018, good luck and see you on the other side.

Feel free to reach out any time – greatcanadianmove@hotmail.com

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