Experience Days

In 2018, and now as a Permanent Resident based in Vancouver, I am offering Experience Days to those looking to move to, or who have recently moved to, Vancouver. There will be 3 packages available, The Evening Experience, The Half-Day Experience and, The Full Day Experience.

As part of each experience you will get to enjoy Vancouver through the eyes of a local. Each package will be individually tailored to incorporate places and events that interested you.

If you are looking to move to Vancouver but aren’t sure what the food scene is like or are looking to get into something new like dancing, special interest groups, art and culture, that’s where I come in. By tailoring the package to you my prime objective is to make it as valuable to you as possible.

If you have recently moved and are having trouble finding your way around, don’t understand how certain things work like the healthcare system, MSP, Canadian banking, school systems etc I can help with that too.

The possibilities are endless but the first step is to get in touch.

Also open to couples, families and small groups.


Evening Experience – starts at $100 for 2 hours

Half-Day Experience – starts at $200 for 4 hours

Full-Day Experience – starts at $400 for 8 hours

Ways to follow and contact me

Facebook Page


Great Canadian Move Website

Twitter Page

YouTube Channel


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