It’s worth the wait! Citizenship!!

Wahoo, at long last the final milestone was crossed on September 22nd 2021! I took my Oath of Citizenship in an online ceremony and became a dual citizen, British and Canadian.

It has been a long road since I first applied for my working holiday visa back in 2014. It would take me almost a year to emigrate, almost 2 years of living here to get Permanent Residency and a further almost 4 years to get citizenship.

The last 2 years has certainly thrown a number of tests about my commitment to staying here, especially given the restrictions imposed by COVID.

The freedom to come and go as I pleased was taken away for almost 18 months, the citizenship office was closed for 6 months and the waiting seemed to last forever but now I have what I set out to achieve, dual citizenship.

The reality of it all hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I think in 2 weeks when I should have my Certificate of Citizenship it will finally sink in as I can then apply for my Canadian passport and book my travel back to see family.

I want to say a huge thank you to all those who have supported me along the journey, from my family’s unwavering support through to friends and complete strangers I have met along the way. While the journey was mine to take, it’s not been a solo affair and that’s made it all the more poignant.

If you are on your own immigration journey remember sometimes it will feel like you are standing still waiting for the passage of time to pass but you are still moving forward. Stick to your goal and surround yourself with those who will champion you on and you will get there.

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