Immigration Coaching

Wanting to emigrate and actually doing it are two totally different things. One can be a pipe dream that always stays a dream, the other requires action and choosing to embark on a rocky road of ups and downs.

No matter how much you want to emigrate there are plenty of times when doubt can set in or you desperately want to put your head in the sand and not do things that need to be done. That’s where having the support and accountability of a coach really comes into play.

I can help you move from inaction to action, keep you accountable when you’re scared, unsure or confused, and will support you through the journey of living your dream.

I’ve been there and done it myself. Starting in 2014 I applied for a Working Holiday Visa to come to Canada. In 2015 I left my home country, UK and emigrated to Canada. I had $3000 in the bank, my Work Permit, no job, no fixed accommodation and I had never set foot in Canada before. I had plenty of friends and family who thought I was crazy but this was my journey I felt compelled to take. I had had this dream since I was a teenager and at the time I was in my late 20’s. Since 2015 I have had many ups and downs, I’ve been through the Permanent Residency application process and became a Permanent Resident in 2017, and in 2019 I started the Citizenship application process and became a Dual Citizen, British Canadian, in September 2021, 6 years almost to the day since I had emigrated.

Throughout the journey I have had lots of people who have supported me, a good number question my decision (including myself at times) but ultimately I have created a great life for myself despite experiencing job loss, living through a pandemic, and missing special life events back home. I am now happily married, have a job I enjoy, am earning more than I ever did back in the UK, and have made some lifelong friends.

My wish is to help you wherever you are in the journey to living your immigration dream in reality. To start the journey contact me at and I look forward to supporting and watching you create the life you’ve only ever dreamed about up to now.

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