Immigration Consulting

Disclaimer – in regards to the legal element of Immigration Consulting I am not certified to do that yet, however, long term that is on my list of certifications to do.

In the meantime what I can consult on is where to find information on the Canadian Government’s website, what different terms mean like what are NOC codes, what hydro is, and what different application streams there are. I can also advise on things to prioritize when you arrive in Canada to make sure you are set up for success from getting a Social Insurance Number through to setting up a bank account and sorting out a cell phone contract.

There are lots of things to do to prepare to emigrate and an equal measure of things to do when you arrive in Canada but with some careful planning, knowing where to look to find out changes, and some good old fashioned to-do lists you’ll be well on your way.

When I was preparing to leave the UK to emigrate I had 3 lists; the need to do to wrap up things in the UK, the need to do when I arrived in Canada, and the things I could do to prepare for arriving in Canada. I also had a folder of all my important documents from my police checks, my proof of funds, my immigration documents and everything else I could print out. I had a second folder with all my original documents like education certificates too.

Preparation is huge when emigrating and it makes the difference between a smoother ride and a complete nightmare. It also makes a huge difference if something unexpected comes up and you need to adapt quickly. And trust me things can take longer than you expect and sometimes need sorting much quicker than you expect so it pays to be prepared.

If you’re starting your immigration journey or are already on the journey and need help do not hesitate to contact me on


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