Great Canadian Move


Welcome to Great Canadian Move.  My name is Phil Hicks and I’m 30 years old. I started this blog originally as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, and to record my journey as I made the move to Canada back in September 2015.

Now a Permanent Resident in Canada I want to capture other people’s journies to making their Canadian move great. I want to create a one-stop place for everything moving to Canada related. I want to share the stories of people in their teens up to retirees who have made the move recently or a lifetime ago. I also want this blog to create a countrywide account of people’s experiences not just British Columbia so that it can provide true insight into what it’s like to leave everything you’ve ever known in hope of finding something better. There will still be a section dedicated purely to my adventures but I want to make this blog a useful tool for people to come and find out about the realities of moving abroad.

I hope you will support me in making this change and will be inspired as I know I will be by the stories that will unfold. If you are interested in contributing please follow the Facebook group and contact me with your story. Feel free to express yourself in whatever way you feel fit; photos, poetry, articles, art etc. Please refer to the contributing ground rules before submitting anything for approval.

Thank you


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